Teaching and supervision



PhD Students, since 2015
  • Co-supervisor of Alessandro Spinuso, Active Provenance for Data Intensive Research, since 2015

  • Co-supervisor of Luca Trani, Holistic Catalogues for Data-Intensive Science, since 2015

  • Co-supervisor of Ole Weidner, Data-Driven HPC, since 2015

Spark Courses, since 2017
  • Two Spark courses teaching at British Geological Survey, 2017

  • Thee Spark courses teaching at different Prace-events, 2019

Supervision of MSc Informatics students at the University of Edinburgh, since 2013
  • Performance of parallel K-means algorithm using Python, 2020

  • From text to structured data, 2020

  • Dynamic optimizations of streaming applications, 2020

  • Automatic detection of Ionospheric Alfvén Resonances using machine learning algorithms, 2019

  • Parallel Strategies for K-means Algorithm, 2018

  • Comparison of performance between Apache Spark and dispel4py Data Streaming Tools, 2017

  • Dynamic and automated tool to transferr data and metadata from rock physic laboratories to a remote location, 2013

  • Enhancing a portable adaptive compression technique for MPI-based applications, 2013

  • Profiling analysis for a new Python framework (dispel4py) for describing abstract stream-based workflows, 2015

  • Design a run-time adaptive compression algorithm for stream-based workflows, 2015

  • Stream-based workflows with dispel4py library, 2015

Supervision of Open Science Data Cloud (OSDC)-PIRE program students, since 2012 to 2015
  • PRAS-DT: Portable, Reliable, and Automatic Streaming Data Transfer using Globus Online, 2012

  • Extending Rock Physics to the Cloud and Beyond, 2013

  • Varpy: A python library for volcanology and rock physics, 2013

  • Testing the scalability of dispel4py mappings to different parallel platforms, 2014

  • Analyse the 1000 Genome project data to study the mutation overlapping by population and chromosome, 2015

  • Analyse the output of the Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) to study the overlapping genes, 2015

Teaching Assistant at University Carlos III of Madrid, since 2005 to 2010
  • I have taught undergraduate courses in Master’s and Bachelor’s Computer Science Programmes. My responsibilities included material preparation, laboratory demonstration, grading homework and exams, and assisting students with course materials.

  • Subjects: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Fault-tolerant Systems, Introduction to Programming, Computer Structure and Distributed Systems


Supervision of MSc Informactics students at University Carlos III of Madrid, since 2005 to 2010
  • Analysis, design and development for managing a user contact system, 2010

  • Design and implementation of a Java learning tool through Android, 2009

  • Study of the Moodle tool for online courses, 2009

  • Creating a virtual classroom for our research group using Moodle, 2008

  • Virtual course for the ”Fault-tolerant systems” course using Moodle, 2008

  • Virtual course for the ”Introduction to programming” course using Moodle, 2008

  • Virtual course for the ”Computer Structure” course using Moodle, 2006

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