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Lecturer of Computer Systems, University of St Andrews
Group Leader, Systems Research Group (SRG)
Member of the UK Young Academy
Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Currently, I work as a Lecturer at the School of Computer Science - University of St Andrews. Before that, I was working as an Assistant Professor in Heriot Watt,  as a Vice President Applied Researcher at JPMorgan Chase, as a Research Fellow at the EPCC (University of Edinburgh), as a Senior Data Scientist at the British Geological Survey,  as a Senior Research Associate at the Data Intensive Research Group of the University Edinburgh and as a Research Assistant and Teaching Fellow at the Computer Architecture Group of University Carlos III Madrid.


I am the Group Leader for the Systems Research Group (SRG) at the University of St Andrews.  My research is concerned with three closely topics. The first one is to develop adaptive communication techniques which optimise the data movement for data-intensive applications at different HPC levels. The second one is to facilitate the development of scientific workflows/application that can by run in many HPC environments while hiding the complexity to the users. And the last one is to develop intelligent frameworks that understand automatically doman-experts software  and provide automated and tailored advice and suggestions.

More information about the different works that I have been designed, implemented and published can be found at my GitHub repository.

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