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Chancellor Fellow at EPCC, University of Edinburgh
Member of the UK Young Academy
Honorary Lecturer, University of St Andrews

I am a Chancellor Fellow at the EPCC, University of Edinburgh, specializing in developing intelligent adaptive systems for data-intensive computing. Previously, I served as a Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, leading the Systems Research Group.

My work focuses on abstracting application specifics from execution, enabling domain experts to leverage complex computational tools without deep knowledge of underlying platforms. This facilitates the seamless transfer of applications across different computing environments without loss of functionality, enhancing the discoverability, accessibility, and reusability of software components.


Currently, I am advancing tools for semantic repository insights and innovative components and workflows exploration using NLP to improve the reusability and understandability of scientific software development. In parallel, I am also working on advancing text mining, NLP, HPC, and deep learning techniques in the context of Digital Humanities and smart data-driven methodologies to extract insights from historical texts, analyze cultural events data, and enhance democratic governance.

More information about the different works that I have been designed, implemented and published can be found at my GitHub repository.

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